Long Time no Post!!! I feel so ashamed right now,  thank Goodness you can not see how ashamed of myself I am,i have no excuse😢😢😢

I am Sorry Guys, Deeply and Sincerly sorry Guys I swear, I hope you find a small Corner in your Heart to Forgive Me and Allow me continue Blogging you back to Happiness 👅👅

Now that You have forgiven me and we are back bring Buddiesss!!! Guess whose Birthday was on Monday!!!  💃 💃, You know your Baby Girl is filled with March Magic ✨ ✨ ✨ !!! Today I got an Experience I have always wanted as a Birthday Gift, I mean 1asides some Food And Chocolate Treat…. I am not a Foodie I promise 😂😂😂

I was at Nike Art Gallery Guys!!!! And the most Beauty thing is that I saw the Legend in Freaking flesh and blood ,Here is a Picture to prove that I am the Real Gee!!  

I Love Art A whole lot, I think it’s from a place of me Trying, To go beyond the and understanding that Life goes beyond the Surface, After Attending Visual and Applied Art Class in High School I knew it was Love. 

The Art Center.

There was too much Vibes in there I swear, History, Art, Fear, Poverty, Fashion, Politics,.. The Arts:From The  Life Size Sculptures to Huge Paintings….There were Paintings that Depicted Lagos Living, which I almost got connected to at first sight, 

The National Themed Cake!! Iymt inspired that Nigeria, Is being attacked by Preys, that is Ants who are symbolic to not Just the Looters,  politicians or those in power, but by every single person that fails to do the needful in redeeming our Great Country. 

Then Recycled Art, Was the most Fascinating of all, Like How creative can an Artist Get with Items seen As “Useless”.Objects such as Cans, Steel, and even pieces of Fabrics. This shows that Life can Happen to Anyone at any time, you can go from a zero to a Hundred any freaking Time, It’s all about A “Process”Anything called Useless can be Indispensable I tell you!!! 

And then there Was Heroic Portraits: Nelson Mandela the Madiba 👊!! Fela Anikulapo!! And most amazingly Portraits of Women Who Explained Strength to be Carrying a Child on the Back,Hawking which of course I don’t agree with “Strength isn’t Defined by How Much Pain You Can Take”

Art is Beautiful I tell you,  and Being African is so Much Privilege!!. Learn to Appreciate and Love African Art, because Really it’s Our Heritage 

“Minding My own Business and focusing on the Glow up kind of Painting” 😎😎
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