African Parent don’t give you freedom, you force it from them……


21 year old Girl, who has a strong Passion for Media? Yeah that’s me, I live in Africa’s most Urban city, that is the City of Lagos, living at the Outskirt of the city has been more like an Hinderance to “My Big Media Dreams”, Going from this end of the world to The Island for a Show is way worse than going to Onitsha for a 10am appointment,Like Urrrrghh, 😢😢

Now let’s discuss this thing with Freedom?

Is it just my house Abi na War to go show especially in a City that knows no sleep like Lagos, where a 6pm-9pm Show starts by 8:30?

I am always on my phone to checkup  happenings and events around the globe but my mother keeps up with the Nag, What are you always doing with your phone?  One of these days I hope i don’t  get force to ask,Do you ever ask a Fisherman what he is always doing with Hooks?

I hope by that question I don’t automatically get the freedom I want to snatched out by living on the island, but this time under the Bridge of course 😅😅

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