Boma Joseph Barango, known professionally as Big Daddy Juice “The Showman” is a Nigerian radio presenter and television personality. He is a co-host of the radio show, The Morning Experience on 98.9 KISS FM LAGOS, He also anchors several podcasts, he is a writer and master of ceremony. We got in touch with him to talk about his career and broadcasting in Nigeria and also his take on the Entertainment industry.

Q: Can we talk about broadcasting, how did you launch a career in broadcasting?

A: During my degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at Benson Idahosa University I became involved in student associations, where I realized I had a flier for public speaking and automatically it directed me into considering a path in this profession. Before then I was always a radio person, meaning I listened to radio a lot from the age of 7 I guess because I was raised by a father that loved information a whole lot so he always had his radio with him in the early hours of the day or at night when he returns from work I grew up getting amazed by the voices from the box. Looking back now I think I was getting groomed for this from a young age, it’s a funny thing. After my degree during my youth service years I found myself doing voice overs and freelancing for any media house that would accept it, I spent a long time doing that before I eventually got a full time job as a reporter which I had to train for at Garden City Radio in Port-Harcourt, then I caught the presenting bug and switched departments, it wasn’t easy doing that as I got enemies from that single act, I got my first show on the weekend and then over the years I grew to hosting night time radio and eventually day time.

Q: What’s been your career highlight to date?

A: Wow the list is going to be a long one you know! Getting nominated and winning awards would come in, and yes I have interviewed top celebrities I have been invited for posh events gone to concerts for free. You know it’s been amazing but ultimately I will say talking to thousands of people I don’t see daily, encouraging them when the need presents itself, telling stories they relate with and basically entertaining them as well as passing useful information to them would be that career highlight I smile to at the end of the day.

Q: You have had the chance to interview a lot of music icons and public figures. Who was your favourite person to interview?

A: Interviews of political figures are usually my favourite interviews, because we have a lot to talk about, they want to share an experience and I get to make them talk about those experiences in line with what the listeners would understand. You know most music icons we have here are not really interested in talking beyond their music so it’s always a drag, they always want it to be about their music which they might be promoting at the moment and you singing their praises I find that boring, once you want to get into issues apart from their music they start off with one word answers or they deflect with something that you might consider an unintelligent response. Don’t get me wrong I have had a few amazing interviews of music icons thinking right now one person that stands out is Brymo, he is really deep and engaging I found him knowledgeable and unapologetically real.

Q: Do you research on your guests before you sit with them, how do you prepare for your interviews?

A: I have to know about the guest before the scheduled interview, what they are working on or what they worked on, that’s important and I usually prepare a day before. But sometimes even with such preparations, the interview takes shape at the moment it’s like me having a mental structure of where I want the conversation to go, on the spot inspiration I just allow the conversation flow naturally. I consider every interview a beer parlour parley more like allowing my day take control.

Q: You’ve been in this profession for more than a decade now, if you were to change one thing what would it be?

A: Radio has turned into a gossip blog! That’s the first thing I would want to change most of what I know today was as a result of the needed information I heard radio presenters pass across on air. These days you find presenters who don’t research jump on the mic and talk about what was posted on a blog, how does that benefit the average listener? I got into this because I wanted to share information, relevant information. Not every information is bad but some are unnecessary really unnecessary, yes sometimes we can give bubble gum gist to draw up the humour in it all but not when a four hour show is all about bubble gum gist, teach people let your listener go to bed knowing something new for that day. The second thing is the welfare of broadcasters, it’s really annoying when you imagine the joy presenters put on the faces of millions of listeners calming a tensed polity with music and stories and yet they are always owed or paid peanuts! There should be a regulation to this, most broadcasters and journalists have to do extra on the side to gain a bit of leverage it shouldn’t be the case, they are the most stressed mentally and physically but yet most underpaid and a lot is demanded from them, and you know a huge majority got into this because of the passion it’s always difficult to let go of.

Q: What do you think about Nigerian music in its current state?

A: Amazing! The growth is tremendous to put it right. But a lot needs to be done currently with the growth you find a structure that is like a ship without a course, so yes a lot needs to be put in place so we know who is selling more records and who is not. Record labels need to function as record labels and not slave camps, there needs to be working copyright laws to protect the works of artists and consumers need to be updated about the value of music, and then you have the issue of cataloging and classification, you don’t know when this song was recorded or released no database to show this, classifying the genres has become a problem too now you have what they call afrobeatz which is a wrong classification because it puts every form of music made by Africans into a box, music is diverse and the artist themselves need to address this issue. These are a few things we need to get right to see that perfect growth in our music industry.

Q: Who right now do you consider the future of Nigerian music?

A: A long list again! But we need to pay close attention to Niniola she is mostly ignored, I consider her a next big thing. If she continues in the current pace and don’t compromise with the music then she can conquer the continent and the world with that Afro-house sound which already has a global interest.

Q: You are a successful single male, any plan to get married?

A: Yes! For now I am a promiscuous single male and being promiscuous is allowed as a single male or female you are made to date multiple persons till you commit to one, when that happens you can eventually get married knowing its forever. So yes I have those plans, but not looking at that plan book just yet! And you know these days’ marriages are failing so no need to rush into something that we have failed to understand.

Q: What’s your ideal woman?

A: Someone I find interesting and who I can relate to on an intellectual, sexual and emotional level. She shouldn’t be timid she should have a mind of her own. I don’t care about her skin type, most men would go for big busted women or ones with big buttocks or the runway model shaped ones, and I truly don’t care about these physical traits, not that I won’t go for it but I am no longer a teenager to think that those things make a woman beautiful or matter in being with someone, as long as she is honest and we communicate truthfully to each other then we are fine. But she should never make it a quest to change me, accept me for me and as will do for you or we forget about being together.

Q: You have a show coming up what’s it all about?

A: It’s called ‘’The Showman’s Pool Party – Mainland Fiesta’’ on the 22nd Of December 2018 we had the first in a series of shows I am putting up with my team, it is more than a pool party actually it’s a carnival on a pool. I have always wanted to take on the entertainment aspect of my career and I think it’s the right time to get it done. And I am THE SHOWMAN, entertaining people has always been my thing whether I do it on radio, television or on stage I just want those who pay attention to have a good time. We are bringing party lovers together in an atmosphere primed with entertainment and networking for a good time. Lot of hours have been spent on making this a unique experience and we are not stopping here, before the first half of the year I will be announcing another party experience we intend to take nationwide and that’s the job of THE SHOWMAN, it promises to be a blast, people will get to see me in a way they have never seen me before I am excited about it all.

Q:  Do you regret anything?

A: Well maybe a yes? But we all have regrets, dwelling on them is the problem I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t do the things I did. And I’m not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. I sometimes feel I should have continued on the path of a diplomat you know I got a degree in that and did some UN certificate programs on conflict resolution and other things back in the day, don’t get me wrong I am happy where I am now and it can only get better all I want to do now is inspire the generation after so they can tell good stories too.– 
Warm Regards 
Boma “Big Daddy Juix” Barango 

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