Sharing my Craziest Moments from this “Media Job ” Craze cannot be complete without talking about that February Event!!! I think it was the 10th day sef, I cannot remember precisely, but I sure cannot forget was the way my head hurt due to the “Wonderful ” hairdo from the night before, the anxiety that filled even the very air I inhaled, the countless tip I read from my  “communication books” and the YouTube videos didn’t help much,  and to think I was watching Oprah😂😂,A girl sure must think big right??

It was at Oduduwa Hall, and our Awo Boys, did me strong thing, I mean they owned the school we were lucky to be admitted sev, that wasn’t crazy enough,#Wait for it

I was so nervous, even my immune system could tell the change in environment, the Fully Air conditioned room couldn’t stop me from breaking a sweat, I had to blame it on something, HA!! The 🎤microphone I said, “my mic is bad I heard myself “😂😂….My Guy,”Girl was Hot 🔥 🔥 “😂😂..I had to excuse myself from the stage to ease off, I had to puke, thanks to my Co-host, Bright…Only God knows that my Media Career would have just ended right before it started 😀

Moral Lesson:Dont go too Oprah Winfrey on yourself, Biko if it’s Effik you can flow better in, Do it boldly, Even the Queen doesn’t Understand Hausa 😉

Based on the Last posts, I have gotten feedbacks and Questions such as:

Motivation?? First year in Ife, and you already knew you wanted to do Media, and you went all out even without having the school’s  “identity Card”..😂😂,What do I credit such motivation to, even till now as I am still regardless all about Media??

Well, let me Give you Tintinli info about myself, I use to be A Slacker in High school, I mean I could barely address a person looking straight in their eye… Something Changed, I got tired of Being that way, I wanted to be Bold  and intentional about everything, I mean everrrryyyything, from the Type of food I wanted to have for Dinner, to the Friends I want to keep, and those I wanted to cut off, I just got tired of been told to be quiet, so I did alot of Self search, it was more than just Media, it was Unleashing A Personality,  that being “Normal or Ordinary ” cannot Allow, It really allowing yourself to live in every of those moment without giving too much to negative Energy or Nay Sayers…Allowing the magical Energy of knowing that you are Enough take Charge and Nothing  else…..

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