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Before now, you’ll never catch me awake before noon, because Heck no!!!! My radio schedules were night shifts and leaving the studio in the morning meant i would be unproductive till i get my beauty sleep and transitioning from Studio brat to Woman in the boardroom..

Unlike radio where i work shift, as a woman building Media Business, i get to have weekends and nope there are no shifts, i get to go home early and enjoy holidays if any arises. If there is a word for it, i would mostly call it Career shocks!!!!! Because what!!!!!

Before you ask i have and still adjusting from being a no morning person to an early bird, i mean there’s no growth without sacrifice, if not anything, my gym instructor made sure i understand that well enough, talking about the gym i am looking at becoming regular at the gym, yes, i mean going to the gym weekdays after intense mental work, looooool in the end i go alright

With growth, something has to give, and yes it might look hard, but trust me it is not impossible, I am rooting for you to do the hard work too and give who you are right now to be that woman or man you CAN BE!!!


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