I won’t even deny these past few weeks hasn’t been the most overwhelming, i have had the longest of weeks from co producing a show on the Radio to shooting my weekly Movie Themed show, to longer weekends standing on Red Carpets to little nor no night rest #MadeinLagosWeekends. But Hey, Today’s it is the Day Can we?

But Hey, Today’s it is the Day Can we?

I was privileged to Camp at Kogi and i would say it still is one of the most exciting experiences of my whole life, those early morning Drilling, The early morning bathe ( only the wise would relate), the Long and crazy queue at the Kitchen and the Most Amazing thing about the HAUSA ACCENT. I am still hoping when Hausa Prince will come and sweep me off my feet. LOL

Before you ask, yes i redeployed back to my Lagos, Kogi State was so much Fun no lie, but I belong to Lagos. LAGOS RADIO!!! It felt like finding Love right back in places you left off. Radio has always been my first love, i mean it was everything Media. Thrilling, intense, engaging, conversational, and every other amazing vocabulary in the English Dictionary.

I am more than willing to share this Journey “On Becoming” in the Media industry with you, It hasn’t been the Easiest journey so Far but the growth, process, lessons has been worth every sacrifice. This is the first blog post after the launch of the Website, and it is definitely over due, and you’ll have to forgive Me. I will only get better. Thank you very much for reading through . I am The Lady Kofo Black Girl whose Life Is magical

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