It could have been anything, I could have chosen to be someone else, I could have Decided to chase something else, But then again
“The Things that Excite me are connected to my Purpose, they Set my Soul, So With Fear, Uncertainty, Hope, And complete Faith I Chase after it!!!

The Blog is Everything you can think of, The From Event Reviews, To Checking out really exciting Spaces in Lagos, The Need to be Darker, Letting you in on all the Crazy That Happens behind the Scenes,#MadeinLagosWeekends (Television and Radio), Oh did I mention being a Corp Members, How Do I combine That with being a Media Sensation?  Aka ” Celebrity Corper”!!!, I definitely will let you in on all the Khaki Craziness, Aka White Fowl!!!

I am more than excited to share This Process with you,  It’s Overwhelming no lie, But It Definitely worth it, as it aims to Encourage, You to embrace your Magic More, Even if Media isn’t Your field, as it’s going to be as relatable as possible. If you know me personally you know Forming isn’t an attribute,So we gan be a 💯 Real!!!  Definitely your suggestions would be highly entertained, Don’t Forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe!!!

“Remember Always that You Are Your Magic, And you are More Than Enough”


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