Been going back and forth on this weeks blog bet it comes from being pretty much excited about what month we are!!!!

💃 💃 💃

Welcome to the Month of Love!!!!

Like can I get a break it’s bare 2days in and everyone is seeming like we live for the 14 of February!!!! That aside 😁😁😁

I honestly must confess everything about school environment is just suffocating 😕😕

Don’t get it twisted, school is good Fam but it’s overrated like I bet Big Shack didn’t even read half as I did but look at her high up on Forbes!!!

Fast forward to now!!!

I honestly need to say that due to unavoidable exam stress I have been off the blog and I am so sorry and to think videos are yet to be a part of the blog!!! Very soon

On this weeks blog Let’s discuss the craziest (like weirdest)Valentine’s day gift you have ever received or given to someone, and hey it’s necessarily doesn’t have to be your experience!!

I’ll go first,

Simi has been friends with Olumide for like years now and their kind of friendship got people thinking otherwise but my crazy Simi would say” I don’t see Olu in that light”😁😁,there was always an imaginary girlfriend he would always gush about!!!
So there was this Valentine period that Simi told me over the phone “Hey girl I am going to help Olu pick some gift for his girlfriend “. Mama even went ahead picking lingerie with matching colours asides chocolate and other stuffs … It really was a day because I kept I kept teasing her about her being the President

Friend zone!!!!

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day and cut the long story short

She saw all the that she had picked for Olu’s girlfriend the day before delivered to her house!!!!!!

No kind of crazy has been that close!!!

What’s your Crazy Valentine’s Experience or


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