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Before yall jump into conclusions and start to criticize my beautiful self post is long long over due and before i start giving excuses, i am so so sorry, yes i have had this post typed down before now and yes i had issues posting for God knows why, but now i have made time out of no time to make your time. Shout out to everyone who checked up on me while i was absent.

Now what are we talking about on today’s blog post, Okay i won’t let yall guess for too long, been in the review category, Today’s blog post, we talk ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!, Well, i am totally Crazed about Entertainment, and yes it is more than pretty dresses and high heeled stilettos, i attended the 7th Edition of the Highly Esteemed Nigerian Conference. It was more than an eye opening event, not to say an event is totally perfect, but it’s near perfection effort can not not be recommended.

I am hoping to share if not everything i have learnt from the amazing conference to those who weren’t able to attend, but i doubt how possible that can be. But Hey, lets give it a shot.

It was the 7th Edition of The Nigerian Entertainment Conference, organised by the Founder of the Black House Media, Ayeni Samuel Adekunle, who is also a Nigerian Public Practitioner , Journalist and a trained Scientist and Businessman. Neclive7 is such a reputable industry inclined Conference, as it features Musicians, Media Personalities, Content Creator etc.. I would summarize the event by giving my favorites quotes from the conference.

Cuppy ; Using Data to Influence and still be Taste Makers

W. Edward Deming, In God we Trust, a all others must Bring Data

Entertainment needs Tech.

An African Story To a Global Audience.

Data is never just numbers, Data is Text, Images.

Data is LIFE.

To such an amazing Insighful day, thank you, and we hope subsequently there’d be some sort of workshop and a more practical session asides the questions and answer series, but asides it was more than a a great event. Thank you NECLIVE7


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