hustle is real

Media,they say is all about the make Believe Life!From the car you drive to the House you Live, to the Friends you keep, the places you should be seen at, the events you should attend, the designer bags and the designers clothes you should have on, I mean from Roberto Carvalii, To Channel, To Gucci, to Hermes…. The list goes on and on….. Those ones are still far Abi??

 If you wake up with A Pimple on your Face or with different color on your forehead days to “a big media function” just know that you are in for extra heavy make up, that tale is just not Today’s 😢😢😢

I started With Radio back in my First year in Ife, Great Ife yeah?? Starting with Campus Radio at First year was one of the most crucial decisions I had to make as a teenager, then to Hosting Events to Red Carpets, I just look at myself and smile really Kofo!!!! , If there was another way I would still Pick this one…. The Hustle is Real especially if you live in the City of Lagos….

Lagos sev  Na the Hustle and With Media, it just Adds more Icing to The Cake, 😀😀

I will share some of my craziest moments on the  Job., Hastag my HustleTales. Very Crazy I tell you.. 😂😂

Happy Holidays  LAGOS💋💋💋


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