The Hustle is Real

hustle is real

Media,they say is all about the make Believe Life!From the car you drive to the House you Live, to the Friends you keep, the places you should be seen at, the events you should attend, the designer bags and the designers clothes you should have on, I mean from Roberto Carvalii, To Channel, To Gucci, to Hermes…. The list goes on and on….. Those ones are still far Abi??

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Welcome to magic

Welcome to Magic ✨

Explore the Life of an African Black Girl who believes Her World is Magical. A self Aware Woman who is confident of her Scars, Stories.Stay Glued to This Space,For Everything Lady Kofo”A Lady Made From
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Hello Nigeria,This time not Lagos anymore, ,The holidays are over and Life sure has started for some of Us, and to others sev, Hustle never had the Holiday tho….. So what does Black Girl Have for
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