Baaaam?!!! I really must admit that these past few days hasn’t been the Littest 😁😁.Sorry for the late Post.But Hey Black Girl Still got drop some Magic you know😁😁✨ ✨

Sooooo!!!! First things First!!! Welcome to 2018, I hope that just like Me,We ready to Kick Ass👅👅..

So it’s my First Post on the Blog and I was thinking rather, why don’t we do resolutions in respect with Love, relationship and Expectations in this Media Life???😉

I am a Huge Fan of Love or should I say Fam??… Like please I just Love Being in Love especially when it’s With my’s the new year and I can bet half of Lagos are still all about Resolutions even if We all won’t admit, but Let’s look at it from a Relationship point of View… Wait oh, I am not a Relationship or Love Coach of some sort, but let’s just Say Over the Years We have misplaced or Expected too much from People not neccesarily Lovers in this Sense.

I won’t share my Weirdest and Ugliest Loveationship on today’s Post…But I want you to stop for a minute and Ask yourself this,Because Believe  me this Year would be very Great,You only Need to get your Productive, Prayerful Hardworking A Game On!!!

Am I Putting as Much Energy into my Growth as much as I am Putting in people and things?, Am I really Unrealistic with Friendships and Also Relationships, How much Inspiration and Positive Energy do I Exude to Friends, and Acquitances, What do I Represent?Am I really Happy with All that I am and all that I do, and lastly Can I be Happier?

Please,Being a Gent or A Lady, we don’t have time for meaningless and aimless conversations,Zero tolerance for Things and association that are not Result Oriented, No Room for Petty People in our lives because We only do Epic things, No time to Force Things on People, No use holding on to This that don’t want to hold on to you, Biko is High time you Happened to Life like Please and Please Just Trust your Magic and follow your Dreams…Nobody Said it would be Easy, ask Danzel Washington, Will Smith and even Mosunmola Abudu,But I promise you It would Worth it.
Expectations are good,Do not Commit yourself to things without expectation,regardless Always Always Have your “Reality Check” Cap on…

Welcome to Two Thousand and Eighteen 😁😁….Make It Magical 🌟 🌟 🌟


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