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I Did it Afraid I Did it Confused, I did it Tired.I Did it Scared


I am the Last person to even dare this Media Industry, should I say “Highly Saturated Industry?”, ” I Mean, too much expectations, Your skin had to look some certain way, So did your Wardrobe, Or Ghana must go sev?? Arrrggh,!!! And accent struggle,?? Too too much  Craze,  A graduate from a College In London is guaranteed  chances of  a Job in Nigeria,more than a graduate of a Reputable University from our end, why is that???  Don’t worry, Him Sabi Sound Like Oyinbo pass you😂😂,

Hello!!! no Shade intended on Our Returnee of course, but it sucks that Originality isn’t so rewarded as it should be,which then  Leaves our Lagos Hustler to either buy an accent or build one😁😁,you trust Us Now, we no they Carry last…..

Despite the Struggle to not conform, I trusted my Energy, I read Communication books and learnt more Vocabularies and also Adjectives with every oppurtnity I had.I did it Afraid, with trembling hands on the microphone ,which Shaky voice I spoke out, with broken shoes,I wore them like Givenchy..(So maybe that was the wrongest line😁😁)..But amist all the Doubt, I Did it!!! .People looked  at Me like I was some kinda crazy, people still do tho, and I am unapologetic about it,Walai😁😁.i even sound like it at the moment sev… Kofo 😉😉

Dear Black Girl, it’s really okay to be different in an already stereotyped Industry like this one , Nobody can Have Your Originality, No one can Exude your Confidence and Energy like you do…. Own it, and be Unapologetic about it, care less about people who think your Energy is Weird. Truth is…. “People Fight Things They Do Not Understand”….Ask Why Dogs Bark at Strange Faces…..
P. S Blog Post will be Weekly very soon which would also include Visuals and Videos 😉😉…So Stay glued to “The Life of A Black Media Girl” 💋💋….

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