This year choose your INFLUENCERS

It’s going to be a ‘SWEET YEAR’ can you taste it already? SWOOSH !!

Please it’s a new year till the end of January, so allow me say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


It has been so looong we had a blog,(I know yeah) and in between those times, life has happened, from trying to figure out this adulting thing to finding God right at the center of it. But all of that decision has brought me back here, I won’t deny that I was not running from this, I didn’t want to be responsible for my depth, and I don’t want to be seen in anyway that seemed vulnerable, I suppose. Well, here I am Manifesting as commanded. LOOL. SO Y’ALL ARE WELCOME.

Sitting behind these keypads thinking of what my Life could be, Like They say your future isn’t something far off or distant, stead its a sum total of your decision and indecision you make. January is a system, a system of anxiety, of uncertainty, of finding your foot. I know it can be overwhelming, i get that sometimes too, but just like me i don’t want Anxiety to lie to you, You can smash this too, and coming into 2022, isn’t mere coincidence and Everything works together for you. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT ALL”.

IN 2022:

This year choose your INFLUENCERS, be intentional about people who speak into your Life. Words is Life, You become what you SAY,Energies, Vibe, call it what ever you want, but they don’t lie, you aren’t just responsible for the energy you give, you are also responsible for the energy you allow around you.

This Year. Know Yourself, funny how we can choose to see what we want to see, so easy to lie to the world, but Guy abeg you see this life, Never lie to yourself, don’t ever let anything be too much that you trade your Peace of Mind for, its when we don’t have a thing that it is something but the moment that we do, it becomes nothing. Do not loose yourself in pursuit of anything.

Money is a tool, USE IT, DON’T LET IT USE YOU, you see all that money chasing we did in 2021, trust me you don’t want all that exhaustion Again. not to condole laziness of anything but operate from a place of rest. Always. Money is meant to be used to achieve other things and in itself it is Nothing. This Year CHASE THE RIGHT THING.

LIVE. THIS YEAR LIVE IN THE MOMENTS MORE. Social media has robbed us of a lot of things, i want to show ‘world People’ how much fun i am having that i forget that icannot relive those moments again!!! Hug longer, Tell people how much they mean to you, visit family often, hang out with friends intentionally, notice nature, take deep breathes more and laugh more. just stay present, Darling.

Trust God More, in as much that i believe that your walk with God is very personal. You know how we say A person SHOULD trust NO one, Darling, God is Good, GOD can be trusted. i am learning trust, to trust GOD in the big things as well as the small things, understanding God is not a distant or angry being sitting in Heaven, but He is closer than my skin, right in the middle of that situation with you. You also, need to trust him enough to cast those cares on Him and believe He is capable and also willing to Save, To Deliver,to Help You

This time we would be doing a lot of bare and real conversations about EVERYTHING!! Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle, choices and more THANK YOU to everyone who kept on Checking in and asking when the Blog would be back, well, here we go.

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