Hello Nigeria,This time not Lagos anymore, 😑😑,The holidays are over and Life sure has started for some of Us, and to others sev, Hustle never had the Holiday tho….. So what does Black Girl Have for Us Today?? What’s up with Academics?

So did I mention My Educational Qualification?? Naah I guess not, Fast forward to why I even started the Blog at first??

Kofoworola Kayode is a final Year Student at the Obafemi Awolowo University, With a strong appetite for Media and Impact, the synergy between Media and Impact is one of the motivation for this Blog, and that Hunger I told myself I will continue feeding for all of my days…. Now reverse to today’s post😁😁

Some of Us just won’t understand the tussle in Doing stuffs outside School work, best of all chasing a whole new life, It has been Pretty challenging being Kofoworola in Class, being a Vice President in the Department of History, Being Talk Queen on the Radio, Being Lady Kofo on the Red Carpet, and definitely being a Black Girl on this Blog…. Lol, it’s fun I tell you and definitely gas it’s own price,

And to those who aren’t students at the university,or a secondary school, or a Polythecnic, or a college of education, or a primary school, we all are Students of Life.

We all are still learning in this thing called Life, just that, for some they are just existing and others are doing more than that, they are living life, taking chances, taking up new experiences, translating challenges to opportunities,creating opportunities for themselves,making mistakes and learning from them, some are waiting for Life to happen to them,and others happening so much to life, that even Life Knows their Name.
Shout-out to the Black Nation, who has defied the Notion that “Black people don’t value knowledge or want to attain it”.

Black Girl knows that Education is beyond the Four Walls of a University Building,

Black Girl is constantly investing herself,

Black Girl understands that A Black Nation can be Great, especially it’s Youth are Knowledge inclined…

Black Girl believes in a Black Nation..

Knowledge is Fire!!!


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